Introducing the patented

MT-3 Portable Isolation Enclosure

from Southern Concepts, Inc.

Asbestos removal from occupied spaces is one of the most costly and disruptive operation that building owners or managers can face.

  • Tenants must be displaced
  • Furniture and equipment must be moved out
  • Labor intensive containments must be constructed and
  • Blocked off from the remainder of the building
The MT-3 Portable Isolation Enclosure System for Asbestos and Lead ceiling removal, is a completely self contained, portable work and decontamination chamber which allows contractors and building maintenance personnel to safely perform O&M tasks and gross ceiling removal without moving tenants, furniture, or constructing containments.
The Portable Isolation Enclosure System allows full tenant use while the abatement is performed.

The Portable Isolation Enclosure system has been used to safely abate over 4 million square feet of asbestos, mold and lead contaminated ceilings in occupied buildings.
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Sucess Stories

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Features and Benefits

The MT-3 is a small, sealed Portable Isolation Enclosure (P.I.E.) that was originally developed for use in removing hazardous materials from walls, ceilings, or other elevated surfaces, while containing the hazardous dust, microbes, and particulate produced by the remediation process.