"The PIE, because of its mobility, sturdy construction, and ease of decontamination enables cabling to be performed more quickly and less expensively than traditional abatement procedures."
LaNae Caldwell
Chief, Asbestos Section
Social Security Administration

"Southern Insulation, Inc. provided us with an affordable and highly efficient method of asbestos abatement which met our customers’ requirements...Based upon this project, I am convinced that the P.I.E. system, and the work that your crews provided with it, is a very efficient technique for the removal of ACM ceilings from an occupied facility...I would like to commend you and your organization for a job that was well done and I have no hesitation in recommending the Portable Isolation Enclosure be considered for use in occupied buildings."
Henry N. Spector
Manager, Facilities Operations
Xerox Corporation

"Both projects were a great success. They were finished in an optimum amount of time with minimal disruption to the overall operations of the building...The PIE system works extremely well for applications of this sort when used by thoroughly trained and conscientious personnel such as your staff."
Sharon L. Draper
Engineering Coordinator, Office of Facilities
Montgomery College